How to Rollback WordPress Plugins (Version Control for Beginners)

May 26, 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to rollback WordPress plugins using version control. In this detailed tutorial, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of reverting to previous versions of plugins in WordPress, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you and your website visitors.

The Importance of WordPress Plugin Rollback

When it comes to managing a WordPress website, it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest plugin versions. However, sometimes a plugin update can cause compatibility issues or unexpected errors on your site. This is where the ability to rollback plugins to previous versions becomes invaluable.

By being able to roll back a plugin, you can easily revert to a previous version that worked perfectly and ensure the smooth functioning of your website. This can save you time and effort in troubleshooting and resolving compatibility issues.

Step-by-Step Guide to Rollback WordPress Plugins

1. Backup Your WordPress Website

Before making any changes to your WordPress plugins, it is essential to create a backup of your website. This ensures that you have a restore point to fall back on if anything goes wrong during the rollback process. There are many WordPress backup plugins available that can simplify this task for you.

2. Identify the Problematic Plugin and Its Version

The next step is to identify the problematic plugin that you wish to rollback. Determine the specific version that caused the issues on your website. This information will be crucial in the rollback process.

Note: It is recommended to note down the current plugin version and any other relevant information for reference purposes.

3. Deactivate the Plugin

To rollback a WordPress plugin, you need to deactivate it first. Go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the 'Plugins' section, and find the problematic plugin. Click on the 'Deactivate' button to disable the plugin temporarily.

4. Install the Previous Version

Now that the plugin is deactivated, it's time to install the previous version. There are multiple ways to achieve this:

Method 1: Rollback Using WP Rollback Plugin

The WP Rollback plugin provides a convenient method for rolling back plugins to previous versions. Install and activate the 'WP Rollback' plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Once activated, go to the 'Plugins' section, find the problematic plugin, and click on the 'Rollback' option. Select the desired previous version from the list and click 'Rollback'.

Method 2: Manual Rollback via FTP/SFTP

If you prefer a manual approach, connect to your website using an FTP/SFTP client. Navigate to the 'wp-content/plugins/' directory and find the folder corresponding to the problematic plugin. Rename the folder to something like 'plugin-name-old'. This effectively deactivates the plugin and reverts to the previous version.

Method 3: GitHub Repository

If the plugin's developer maintains a GitHub repository, you can navigate to their repository, find the desired previous version, and download it. Once downloaded, manually replace the plugin folder on your WordPress installation using FTP/SFTP.

5. Test and Monitor

After installing the previous version of the plugin, it's vital to thoroughly test your website's functionality to ensure that the rollback has addressed the issues. Test the affected areas of your website and monitor for any unexpected behavior or errors.


Rollback is an essential feature when it comes to managing WordPress plugins, offering you the flexibility to revert to a previous version if needed. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can easily rollback WordPress plugins using version control, ensuring a stable and reliable website for your business or personal use.

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