Top Internal Communications Statistics 2021

Dec 17, 2023


As the business landscape evolves, effective internal communications have become paramount to achieving success. In this article, we will delve into the latest internal communications statistics for 2021 to provide you with valuable insights on the importance of a robust internal communication strategy for your business.

Why Internal Communications Matter

Internal communications play a vital role in fostering collaboration, aligning goals, and ensuring a cohesive work environment within your organization. Let's explore the statistics that highlight their significance:

The Impact of Effective Internal Communications

  • 92% of employees believe that a company's internal communication directly impacts its ability to perform well. When communication channels are open, transparent, and efficient, employees tend to be more engaged and motivated, leading to increased productivity.
  • Organizations with effective internal communications are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers. By fostering a culture of open communication, companies can create a competitive advantage and drive innovation.
  • Engaged employees who feel well-informed are 4.5 times more likely to stay at their current company. Building a culture of trust and transparency through effective internal communication can significantly reduce employee turnover and limit the costs associated with hiring and training new staff.

The Power of Personalized Communication

Employees are 4 times more likely to be engaged when they receive personalized communication. Tailoring your internal communication channels and messages to individual employees' needs and preferences can significantly enhance their level of engagement and overall satisfaction at work.

Tools and Strategies for Effective Internal Communications

Now that we understand the importance of internal communications, let's explore some key tools and strategies to help you improve your overall internal communication efforts:

1. Employee Intranets

Implementing a modern employee intranet can revolutionize your internal communications. With features like real-time news updates, document sharing, and team collaboration spaces, an intranet provides a centralized hub for communication and knowledge sharing.

2. Mobile Communication Apps

In today's digital era, mobile communication apps are increasingly popular. These apps enable instant and convenient access to important updates, allowing employees to stay connected and engaged regardless of their physical location.

3. Leadership Communication

Leadership communication plays a critical role in fostering employee engagement and building trust within the organization. Regular communication from leaders, such as town hall meetings, email updates, and video messages, creates a sense of transparency and helps employees feel valued and informed.

Measuring the Success of Internal Communications

It's essential to track the effectiveness of your internal communication efforts. Here are some key metrics you can use to measure success:

1. Employee Engagement

Monitor employee engagement levels through surveys, feedback channels, and regular pulse-checks. High engagement indicates that your internal communications are resonating with employees.

2. Employee Feedback

Encourage employees to provide feedback on your internal communication channels and messages. Listening to their suggestions and addressing their concerns demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement.

3. Knowledge Sharing

Track the utilization of knowledge-sharing platforms and assess employee participation to gauge the effectiveness of your internal communication strategy in promoting collaboration and information exchange.


Effective internal communications are a vital component of any successful business. By leveraging the latest internal communications statistics for 2021, you can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to enhance your internal communication strategy. Investing in robust communication tools, personalized messaging, and measuring success through key metrics will undoubtedly contribute to a more engaged and productive workforce. Start prioritizing internal communications today and unlock the full potential of your business!

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